A major project underway at Fiji Ships & Heavy Industries Ltd (FSHIL) is the refitting of RFNS 202 Kikau II.

“We faced a major challenge in slipping the Kikau, as the 200 tones slipway was out of commission. We introduced an emergency plan and slipped the vessel on the five hundred tone slipway so that underwater gears (this includes tailshaft, propellers, rudders and rudder stock) could be removed. But not all of the repair work is happening on the 500 tones slipway,” said FSHIL Works Supervisor Mr Samuela Vasukira.

“Before the Kikau went up on the slipway, the superstructure was removed and the main engine, the gear box, the exhaust and ventilation systems were taken out for maintenance and repairs,” said Mr Vasukira.

The Australian built Kikau is a Pacific class patrol boat that carries a 17-man crew, with a displacement of 162 tones, and is capable of a maximum speed of 20 knots (37 kilometers per hour).