Control Measures for local wharf Implemented

Posted by nesh

In its continuous effort to mitigate congestion, improve efficiencies and uphold safety at our local port of entry, the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) has enforced measures that will come into effect from next week.

FPCL will now closely monitor entrance into Muaiwalu Port, formerly known as Narain Jetty, to ensure there is no unnecessary entrance of people and vehicles into the vicinity.

It has announced that there will be no make shift office on the wharf as of current practice by most ship operators and payment of freight and fare as well as collection of items are to be done at the office or on the vessel.

“There is a lot of congestion in the loading area and people are vulnerable to accidents due to this. In order to avoid incidents and improve efficiencies in loading and offloading of cargoes and passengers, these measures are introduced,” FPCL chief executive officer, Vajira Piyasena said.

For every departure of vessel, no vehicle shall be allowed into the wharf area one and half hour before departure and loading time for passengers and cargo for vessels shall be applicable once the owner provides the clearance to commence loading.

Passenger can take vehicle inside before the given deadline.

As for the arrival of vessels from outer ports, vehicles are allowed inside 45 minutes after depending on the circumstances and members of the public are encourage to closely liaise with security and ship officers on duty. However, if circumstances permit, vehicle may be allowed in side provided that the passenger who wishes to use the vehicle is onboard.

Vessel owners may be requested to adjust the vessel departure time if congestion is likely to happen at the wharf especially if two vessels are sailing at the same time.

Other measures include;

Passengers and visitors

  • All outbound passengers shall enter by walking if they arrive late after the one and half hour deadline
  • Farewell party or visitors will no longer be allowed onto the wharf area except for the waiting shed
  • Passengers once enter the wharf will not be permitted to go back and forth
  • Visitors for crews or company officials if on board shall request FPCL staff assistance on PA system at the waiting shed and not at the wharf or at the vessel.

Parking and storage of Cargoes

  • Trucks or company vehicle are not allowed to park within the wharf area for than 3 hours
  • Private vehicles and PSV are not allowed to park for more than 10 minutes within the vicinity
  • Private vehicle belonging to officers and crews shall use the parking area at the waiting shed not at the wharf for parking
  • In bound cargoes and outbound are not allowed to be stored for more than 10 hours at the wharf

Vessel owners/Operators

  • Advise passengers and public of the changes
  • Ensure that the vessel depart on time
  • Inbound cargoes especially drums and copra shall be removed on the same day that vessel arrive into port
  • Private cargo and belongings are to be collected from the owners yard or office after 3hours of vessel arrival