US Coast Guard, NZ Maritime train Port Facility Security Officers

Posted by nesh

Fiji Port facility security officers from around the country went through training today conducted by the US Coast Guards and New Zealand Maritime.

The training is aimed at upholding the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code and to share best practices about port security.

Conducting training are International Ports Security Liaison officer from the US Coast Guards Mr Zeke Lyons and Mr Craig Cheriton from New Zealand Maritime on the invitation of the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) in collaboration with Fiji Ports Corporation Limited.

MSAF is responsible for all policy and regulatory function associated with the maritime sector. It is also responsible for meeting Fiji’s obligation to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and other international and regional organization.

Participants got to learn about the threats to Fiji ports and its challenges, the roles and responsibilities of port facility security officers, cruise ship best practices and how to conduct security risk assessment.

“I visit Fiji at least once a year to share best practices about port security and learn how port security is implemented here and help them get better if needed,” Mr Lyons said.

“ I get to travel around the world to see what they are doing, there is an international port security code that each country is responsible for implementing and Fiji is one of those and we are here to help them get better , safer and more secure.”

FPCL Port Facility Security Officer Neumi Dobui said the training is very informative and will surely assist them in their daily operations especially in ensuring that they continue to meet the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code.

The International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is an amendment to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention (1974/1988) on minimum security arrangements for ships, ports and government agencies. It prescribes responsibilities to governments, shipping companies, shipboard personnel, and port/facility personnel to “detect security threats and take preventative measures against security incidents affecting ships or port facilities used in international trade.”

Mr Lyons and Mr Cheriton visited the Suva Port Facilities yesterday and are schedule to visit the Port of Lautoka on Wednesday and Port Denarau on Thursday.