Concerted effort to ease congestion at Port Mua-i-walu

Posted by nesh

A joint operation by the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL), Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), Land Transport Authority (LTA), Fiji Police Force, Suva City Council (SCC) and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has so far been successful in addressing congestion, overcrowding and traffic jam at Port Mua-i-Walu 2.

Certain strategies were executed immediately during the peak traveling season (till to date) to compliment FPCL’s recently implemented control measures.

Officers from FRA, SCC and LTA are now being deployed to Port Mua-i-walu 2 to control the traffic whenever congestion is expected to happen from the arrival of two or more vessels (at the same time) and likewise for departure.

Police officers are also at present to assist FPCL employees in directing/controlling the crowd outside and in the operation area.

Some of the strategies implemented for the shipping operators and members of the public and at the immediate surroundings include;

  1. The re-routing of traffic at Tofua Street through Matua Street to ensure free flowing of traffic at all times to ease ongoing congestion and overcrowding.
  2. Ship operators are now required to submit their vessel schedules at least 48 hours from expected time of departure and arrival to assist FPCL in making the necessary arrangements with the relevant stakeholders.
  3. FPCL is reiterating that only passengers holding tickets will be allowed on to the jetty as well as those sending or receiving cargoes upon producing their tickets at the gates. Others are to remain at the waiting shed.

FPCL is urging ship operators and members of the public to adhere to these measures to ensure that operations run smoothly for the best interest of the traveling public.