FSHIL secures Samoan market after three decades

Posted by nesh

Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Limited (FSHIL) continues to expand its services into the Pacific region and has re-established its market in Samoa.

This week marks (March) a milestone achievement for the company with Samoan Government vessel Lady Samoa III dry docked for repair works and maintenance.

“It’s after three decades and we are having a Samoan vessel again in our slipway,” FSHIL Operation Manager Lopeti Radravu said.

“We have been servicing vessels from all Pacific island countries except for Samoa and we have been trying in past to have them onboard as part of our Strategic Plan.

“To have them here is quite an achievement for us and the onus is on us to meet their standard of expectations in order to secure other vessels from Samoa.”

Mr Radravu said they would continue to ensure FSHIL is setting the standard for ship repairing in the Pacific region based on safety and reliability of its services.

He said they are always committed to meeting their customers’ needs as they strive to maintain a business culture that is customer-focused.

But even though the services rendered are customer-focused, Mr Radravu said they also ensure that their standard is not compromised in the process.

“We have our safety standards for ship repairing and we don’t just bend it or minimise it to meet the demand of our customers. If we tend to work according to their demands, sometimes it compromises the standard and the reliability of our services.”

“This is our edge that enables us to service local repairs and tapping into the region. When ship owners align themselves to our standard, they always benefit from the end results, something they always appreciate and they always return when their vessels need servicing or repairing,” he said.

Mr Radravu added this was because of FHSIL’s reputation as a trusted name in the Pacific built on the pride they take in on-time delivery and their consistent track record of reliability.

It also offers a reasonable price for its service compared to others.