CEO, Director attend World Ports Conference

Posted by nesh

Fiji Ports Corporation Limited was represented at the IAPH Baku 2018 World Ports Conference that was held in Baku, Azerbaijan from May 8-11 this year.

The company was represented by chief executive officer, Mr Vajira Piyasena and Board of Director, Mr Vijay Maharaj.

The four-day conference was held under the main theme ‘Ports of Future: Building Hubs, Accelerating Connectivity.’ Participants had a unique opportunity to debate important and thought-provoking topics such as emerging transport corridors along the ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative; the contributions of free trade zones to domestic economies and the economies of the neighboring countries; and the concept of ‘SmartPorts,’ and ‘Green Ports’ in the 21st century.

Port of Baku is the first port in the Caspian region ever to host this event and is poised to become the leading trade and logistics hub of Eurasia. With its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, as well as with the exciting new Free Trade Zone currently being developed, the Port of Baku is expected to stimulate growth in the non-oil economy of the country by creating a stable and protected investment climate and attracting new sources of foreign direct investments.