Improving Productivity through Quality Circle

Posted by nesh

In a competitive world, improvement in productivity is one of the key factors in the economic development of any nation.
Therefore, the Fiji National University’s National Training and Productivity Center was requested to conduct a two-day quality information seminar for 20 Fiji Ports Corporation Limited staff in May.
The seminar was aimed at preparing each participant from different department on how they improve productivity within the organisation.
FPCL sees quality circles as an important source and mechanism for information sharing and bench-marking from successful productivity practitioners.
The topics covered looked at ways to minimise and reduce wastage time and resources at work.
Quality Control Circles builds an attitude of problem prevention, promote cost reduction, and develop harmonious manager, supervisor and worker relationship, improve productivity and Increase employee motivation.”


Human Capital Services and Training Officer Anare Leweniqila said investing in the training and development of workers is of great importance to the Fiji Ports Corporation Limited giving employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge base, build confidence and enhancing their overall performance that will benefit the company.


He said the investment in training that the company makes proves that FPCL values its employees and that it creates a supportive workplace.


“With confidence and efficiencies improvement, FPCL is on par in achieving its vision of becoming the transhipment hub in the Pacific,” Mr Leweniqila added.