Swamp test reveals unsinkable boat

Posted by nesh

Members of the media were invited to witness the swamp test of a fibreglass boat in May and to allow them to tell the story of how reliable the FSHIL manufactured product is.

The test proved that no matter what the circumstances at sea is, the boat will remain afloat – sufficient enough to keep the travellers safe until help arrives.

As part of its new marketing approach, FSHIL also is now using social media marketing.

An official Facebook page was created in February as a platform to promote our product and services.

This is because social media is becoming more popular in Fiji and is seen as an effective way to create the much needed awareness.

One of the products FSHIL hopes to promote is the manufacturing of fibre glass boats. Operations Manager Lopeti Radravu strongly believes FSHIL has an edge above the rest of the manufacturers in Fiji as their standards are not compromised ensuring safety to the travelling public.

He said what makes their products different for any other boat builder in the country is the fact that they follow the standard requirements and ensure that they abide by the Maritime Aids to Navigation Regulation 2014.

FSHIL also believes that through this platform, they will be able to secure more customers not only locally but also from around the region.

Nine fibreglass boats have been sold so far.