US Coast Guard, NZ Maritime conduct Security Audit

Posted by nesh

Another security audit was conducted in June on our Ports by the US Coast Guard and NZ Maritime to ensure our facilities meet the standard required under the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

The inspection was a follow-up from the 2017 audit where majority if the issues raised from the 2016 report were rectified.

Senior Ports Facility Security Officer Neumi Radobui revealed there were still areas for improvement noted which have been discussed thoroughly with the Maritime and Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF).

“FPCL Security is taking all necessary steps to facilitate these processes in time for the next follow on inspection scheduled for September or October this year,” Mr Radobui said.


He also revealed that in terms of security incidents and issues, FPCL has not recorded any security incidents that could have resulted from breaches in security arrangements at our Ports.