Port Services commended

Posted by nesh


The efficiencies of services provided at the Port of Suva and Port of Lautoka during the maiden voyage of the Royal-vessel Majestic Princess have been commended.

Master of the vessel, Captain Dino Sagani acknowledged the effort put in to allow the safe berthing of the gigantic vessel during the plaque exchange ceremony held on board.

In Suva, Captain Sagani officiated in the plaque exchange with FPCL chief executive officer, Vajira Piyasena on September 21.

“This is the first time for the ship to come to Fiji and when we came this morning everything was perfect and the weather was so beautiful,” Capt Sagani said.

Capt Sagani also acknowledged local authorities for their assistance in safeguarding the vessel safely into the Suva Harbour.

“I can say that everything was well organised when we came in and to be honest the port authorities were well-prepared for our arrival, they’ve done a great job.

“They even let other cargo ships to wait in line as we made our way into the harbour,” he added.

During the plaque exchange with Lautoka Harbour Master, Captain Peni Yauvoli on September 22, Capt Sagani also praised the efficient and timely services provided by the Lautoka Port staff considering the fact that the length of the vessel was longer than the wharf.