Regional Ship Repair Facility Set up Corporate Garden

Posted by nesh

Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Limited (FSHIL) has set up a Corporate Garden as part of the environment-friendly strategies implemented in support of the Pacific Community’s (SPC) Green Pacific Port Initiative.


The Slipway Corporate Garden was created in September last year in coordination with the stakeholders after the regional ship repair facility made it obligatory to save all available trees within the premises. This is part of the company’s quest to tackle environmental concerns by putting into place best environment management practice, joining other Ports in the Pacific region.


FSHIL is the regional port for vessels that come in for maintenance work and repairs.


“The first strategy in place was saving the current trees we have around the premises before we introduced a greener garden initiative now known as the Slipway Corporate Garden supported by our stakeholders,” Operations Manager, Lopeti Radravu said.


“The plants around the premises including our garden contribute to reducing environmental and carbon footprints. Plants are appropriate for our facility as they absorb noise, pollution and etc,” he said.


According to Mr Radravu, the staff and management of FSHIL appreciate the support rendered by their stakeholders in donating generously towards the initiative.


“The act of gardening, itself, is a comprehensive wellness program that effortlessly offers dynamic physical activity, creative expression, emotional reward, an enhanced connection with nature and a sense of environmental stewardship,” he said.


He added that corporate gardening is an inexpensive corporate wellness solution and an enjoyable employee perk that boosts morale.


The Green Pacific Port initiative aims at improving efficiency and resilience of port operations and infrastructure, whilst reducing environmental and carbon footprints.


This requires an integrated approach towards quality, energy and environmental management of ports and its operations.