The Fiji Ports Corporation Limited is committed to providing a safe working environment for its employees, port users and visitors. In order to protect the health and safety its employees, a Personal Protective Equipment policy has been developed.

This policy sets down the responsibilities of management and employees in relation to the provision and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The aim of this policy is to ensure that PPE is appropriate, adequate and used by all employees in all operation areas and those areas identified as potentially hazardous. Personal Protective Equipment will be provided by FPCL to reduce the risk of exposure to hazards.

This policy applies to all FPCL and PTL employees.

‘PPE’ refers to the equipment worn by employees to reduce their risk of exposure to hazards. PPE includes items as:

  • Head Protection (hard hats);
  • Eye Protection (goggles, glasses);
  • Hearing Protection (ear plugs, ear muffs);
  • Respiratory protection (respirators, face masks);
  • Clothing and Body Protection (overalls, dust jackets, rain suits);
  • Foot Protection (safety boots);

FPCL & PTL will ensure that:

  • PPE provided complies with current relevant Australian and New Zealand standard;
  • Appropriate instruction and training in the use of PPE is provided;
  • The person using PPE is informed about the equipment and its usage; including any limitations of the equipment;
  • PPE provided is clean and hygienic when issued;
  • The PPE is properly maintained by the employee;
  • PPE must only be used for FPCL & PTL delegated works;

Employees are required to:

Employees must use PPE where their duties require the use of PPE to reduce the risk of exposure to hazards.


  • Wear PPE where required or if directed, and not intentionally interfere with or misuse any PPE provided;
  • Immediately inform their supervisor of any lost or stolen PPE;
  • All stolen PPE has to be accompanied by a Police report;

Employees must cooperate with management in complying with the FPCL & PTL OHS requirements. Failure to use PPE where appropriate will result in disciplinary actions.

Personal Protective Equipment supplied by FPCL & PTL remains the property of the companies.