Port of Malau

Port of Malau is situated on the North Western side of Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu and primarily a molasses Port facility with deep water anchorage and berthing.

The Port caters for bulk vessels that berth at Malau X times a year and caters for the Vanua Levu sugar cane farmers. The facility is a privately owned facility by Fiji Sugar Corporation but under the jurisdiction of FPCL under its Seaports Management Act.


Data – Berth Locations

Dedicated Sugar and Molasses Berths Privately Owned

  • Maximum draft: XX meters
  • Tankers: Discharge lines 8 in. diameter. Depths alongside 42ft. No residue discharge facility.
  • Density: Salt water, density 1025 approximately, no tide effect on density
  • Fresh Water: Available at all berths Delivery rate 30 t.p.h per hose. Hose diameter 75 mm
  • Tug Boat: Available by South Sea Towage Limited, must be arranged from Suva prior to arrival.
  • Pilot Boat: Not available.