Port Access

Port security at the Port of Suva and Lautoka is governed by the Sea Port Management Act 2005. The Port of Suva and Lautoka has an approved Maritime Port Facility Security Plan which covers security based risks to the Port and the local community.

Access to the port security zone is permitted to authorized permit holders only. Regular port workers are required to carry a Port User photo ID permit at all times whilst in the port security zone and comply with port safety requirements as outlined in the induction. Port entry permits will also be required for temporary workers, visitors and ships crew. For further details about Port Entry Permits see your employer, agent or contact Fiji Ports Corporation Limited administration.

The Port security zone is monitored by CCTV to ensure compliance with the Sea Port Management Act 2005 and the ISPS Code.


All access points that lead to the declared port of entry in Fiji are controlled by color coding and stringent identification systems. Any wharf user without proper ID with the below mentioned color coded system issued by Ports wouldn’t be allowed on Ports.

  • Blue background with FPCL logo is issued to all employees of the organization.
  • White background with FPCL logo is issued to all port users.
  • Red background with FPCL logo is issued to the Port Security Unit and boarding officers.
  • ID card period of validity are:
    • Employees of FPCL will last during the period of their contract
    • Port users will be concurrent with their business licence
    • PSU will last for one year

Fiji Ports identification card is available to port users at a cost of $15.00 per user. Port user licence for Suva and Lautoka is $285.25 VIP, licence for Muaiwalu, Levuka and Malau is $168.75 VIP.


All vehicles entering and exiting the port regulated area will be subject to search at the main access point at the wharf or at a designated area provided by the port security.

Contact Person: Port Facility Security officer [PFSO]
Neumi Radobui
Mobile: +6799907456


Port User License Form
Port User Id form
Permit Application& Renewal